Daichi Matsusaki


Born in 1985, Japan

Lives and works in Berlin,Germany


2006 - 2011 : Kyoto Seika University , Faculty of Art, Department of Print making 



Since 2009, he has performed live painting at various places such as exhibitions, festivals, cafes, museums, galleries, live houses, clubs, etc. Since 2012, traveling around the world with producing live paintings and murals.  Since 2014,  exhibitions of collaborative works with other fields. Since 2016, Activity base moved to Berlin, Germany.  Pursue new expressions by performing with musicians and dancers that he met in Berlin, also regularly exhibits his own series of works.








 “I paint like the wind is leading the clouds “ 



I paint the natural phenomenon of rhythm and harmony that continues to flow within me. 


For example, the patterns, colors, shapes, and energies created by the sky, clouds, sea, waves, forests, mountains, trees, rocks, stones, and soil. They are a harmony of lines, colors, shapes and energies. Each simply expresses its own phenomenon without interfering with its nature or the laws of nature.


I will pursue it through the process of painting.

It's about how much I can paint naturally without using my brain and resisting.

The sensation of the moment the brush touches the canvas also directly affects the taste of painting. A new series will be born according to the tool, medium, background color, size and shape.







・Group exhibition


 7.2023  “HORIZONS“ @Uxval Gochez Gallery  (Barcelona)



 Solo exhibition


9.2023 “ LANDSCAPE “ @THE ART OF SEPTEMBER (Amsterdam) 

9. 2022 " P R E S E N T " @ Zukunft am Ostkreuz (Berlin)

 9. 2019  " das Magma  " @ Im Leeren Raum (Berlin)

 5. 2018  " Bipolar " @ Flint & Watson (Berlin)

 7. 2017  " meditation" @Rpeatbar (Berlin)

10.2015  " F O R E S T " @ KOBE Y 3 (Hyogo)

11.2014  " ZERO POINT " @ magatama cafe & dining (Osaka)

 9. 2014  " The Atmosphere " @ ART FORUM JARFO (Kyoto)

     2012  " GEOGRAPHY " @KOTO:RE (Osaka)

     2010  " gravity " @AZABU cafe & gallery (Osaka)

     2009  " in the bottom of the universe and the end of the sea " @ gallery Hane Usagi (Kyoto)



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