Daichi Matsusaki 

( pop spiritual painter )



Born in 1985, Osaka, Japan


Since 2009, he has performed live paint performances at various places such as solo exhibitions, events and festivals, cafes, museums, galleries, live houses, clubs, etc. Since November 2012, traveling around 33 countries around the world, producing live paintings and murals in various places.  Since April 2014,  regularly hold homecoming exhibitions and exhibitions of collaborative works with other fields. October 2016-Activity base moved to Berlin, Germany.  Pursue new expressions by performing with musicians and dancers that he met in Berlin, also regularly exhibits his own series of works.



 2006-2011:Kyoto Seika University,Faculty of Art,Department of Print making




 "Pop spiritual"


It’s like the sky , Far away but feel closer .Always in the background of all beings Symbol of connection. A momentary image that changes like a sky, Although it is not visible to the eyes Energy rhythm you can feel. Like wind and manipulate clouds. Like playing improvised music I'm drawing.




I draw nature (pattern)

 To be precise, the invisible natural phenomenon of the rhythm flowing inside me is put out as much as possible to make it visible.

 For example, the patterns, colors, shapes, and energies created by the sky, clouds, sea, waves, forests, mountains, trees, rocks, stones, soil, etc. They are a harmony of lines, colors, shapes and energies. Each one just represents each phenomenon without interfering with each property and nature's providence.


 I do it by painting.  How is it based on a combination of all characteristics such as one's own characteristics, habits, rhythms, drawing tools, touch feelings, sensations, sizes, shapes, background colors and patterns, etc. My rhythm of draw , the feeling I feel between the drawing tool and the medium I'm drawing on, the size, the shape, the colors and patterns of the background, have a direct influence on me about how I draw.




● Exhibition

 9. 2019 Solo exhibition " das Magma  " @ Im Leeren Raum (Berlin)

 5. 2018 Solo exhibition " Bipolar " @ Flint & Watson (Berlin)

 7. 2017 Solo exhibition " meditation" @Rpeatbar (Berlin)

10.2015 Solo exhibition " F O R E S T " @ KOBE Y 3 (Hyogo)

11.2014 Solo exhibition " ZERO POINT " @ magatama cafe & dining (Osaka)

 9. 2014 Solo exhibition " The Atmosphere " @ FOR FORUM JARFO (Kyoto)

     2012 Solo exhibition " GEOGRAPHY " @KOTO:RE (osaka)

     2010 Solo exhibition " gravity " @AZABU cafe & gallery (osaka)

     2009 solo exhibition " in the bottom of the universe and the end of the sea " @ gallery Hane Usagi (Kyoto)


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